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  The DeeSigns Foundation 

         A Charity for the Deaf Community

Registered Charity Number : 1206856

 Meet Our Team





               Dee Willis                                Darryl Wheatley                            Helen Lehrle                                      Michelle Ferns

                   (Chair/Trustee)                 (Financial Signatory/Trustee)       (Clinical Supervisor/Trustee)                    (Line Manager/Trustee)

         MBACP, MNCPS, Dip.Couns            Promotions Assistant         MNCPS (Acc.), Adv.Dep.Psych.Couns            MBACP, Dip.Couns

     Psychodynamic, Person Centred,          & Deaf Awareness                     CBT Therapist and Trainer,            Psychodynamic, Person Centred

            TA and CBT Integrative                      Coordinator                    Psychotherapeutic and Integrative            TA and CBT Integrative                                      Counsellor                                                                                          Counsellor                                          Counsellor

       British Sign Language NVQ 6 


Our Mission

At The DeeSigns Foundation, our mission is to improve the mental health and well-being of the Deaf community. We feel that the situation of there being a 'third person in the room' can add more anxiety, so having to be in that situation is, in our opinion, inappropriate - it's hard enough starting counselling on a one to one basis, but with another person present, who you quite possibly know from within a different setting, is potentially causing more harm.  Although having the knowledge that their sessions are confidential, many people tend to hold back on some issues as they are not comfortable with the interpreter knowing potentially sensitive and intimate details.  We believe that everyone deserves access to quality one to one mental health care, regardless of their ability to pay, that's why we offer our services at low to no cost, so that everyone who needs our help can receive it.  Our goal is to create a world where Deaf individuals can live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives by creating equal access to vital services.

Cropped view of the african american dea

All our Counsellors/Therapists are fully qualified.  At DeeSigns, we offer a safe place for you to talk and be listened to, without judgement or criticism.  Therapy can help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thoughts, finding your own solutions.  Whether you require one to one or couples sessions, whatever you needs are, we will certainly be able to match them.


If you would like to be added to our waiting list please email us at and you will be offered a free, no obligation assessment.

You may feel it, but you are not alone.  We are here to listen so please reach out to us.

We are a new charity
so please bear with us and visit our site regularly for upcoming events
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Latest News

5th February 2024

Great news! The DeeSigns Foundation is now officially a charity 

Transcript:  Hi, my name is Dee.  I want to share something, so exciting, fantastic news!

I'll explain; I've been working with the Deaf community for about 27 years.  I went back to college to become a fully qualified counsellor, so it means I'm also now a Counsellor for the Deaf.  I love doing both.  My working name is DeeSigns.

I've wanted this so much, it's been my dream to set up a charity just for the Deaf community.  For 2 years, I've been working so hard for this.  The main problem has been that I just didn't understand the legal jargon!  But I polished everything up, constantly sending in more legal documents and other details.  At last! I've got my charity number, so for the first couple of weeks, I'll be busy setting up a bank account, applying for funding, insurance, ICO certificate etc.  I hope to be ready to start in about 3/4 weeks.  Please, please, if you're interested, contact me.

Let me explain what the charity service is for.  Firstly, to offer free/low cost counselling, depending on income/benefits (on financial assessment).  The counselling will be our number one priority.

Secondly, with the barriers the Deaf Community face when starting counselling courses, the first 3 years are ok but, when you progress to Level 4, you start to experience barriers.  Everyone needs to get 100 hours counselling experience, for which they need to find a placement.  When a Deaf student applies for a charity placement, they have placements available, but after researching the costs of providing a BSL interpreters, suddenly all the placements are gone.  It's wrong and not fair but this actually happens; the same happens when securing your own counsellor and supervision, again, students need to fund their own interpreters.  The costs for Deaf students compared to their hearing peers is huge.

With the DeeSigns Foundation being set up, this means we can offer placement opportunities as all our counsellors are Deaf or fluent in BSL, provide a Counsellor for the Deaf, and interpreted Supervision - the charities intention is to also support 'equal access' for Deaf students.

I will be putting out some more updates soon so please, please, please share this video if appropriate.

I'm so excited!  Something positive for the future.  Thank you for watching and, again, please share!  Thank you, bye x

9th April 2024

Great announcement!  The CPCAB will be working with us

to raise awareness about the barriers for Deaf students.


Following a MS Teams meeting, the CPCAB (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body), will be working with us and supporting us in raising awareness about the struggles and barriers Deaf students face with access to services when trying to complete their counselling diploma.

A Massive thank you to both Becky (Marketing Assistant) and Jayne (Counselling Qualification Proffessional) for all their support!




The DeeSigns Foundation

PO Box 2658



WD18 1NN



Text: 07852 825790

Important Note: We do not work with

anyone involved in any personal injury claim

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                                                         9am - 6pm

                                                         CLOSED Saturdays,

                                                         Sundays and Bank Holidays

                                       PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT
                                          A 24 HOUR CRISIS LINE

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    Registered Charity Number : 1206856

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